Additional Food and Juice Programs

Liz’z Creative Juices offers additional food and juice programs in support of those with specific health goals or in need of prepared meals.

Juice-Only Programs:

Our 24-Hour Juice Detox, our 3-Day Standard Detox and our 3-Day Green Detox packages provide different choices to hydrate, feed, and flush your cells. Customers love these juices because they receive un-pasteurized raw alkaline liquid that positively impacts their body’s pH and unbinds toxins.

Our highly enzymatic slow-pressed juice blends are full of a wide array of antioxidants that are both hydrating and nourishing. Blended to perfection, these juices provide the body a digestive rest, show benefits in alleviating inflammation and also in down-regulating the immune system.

Our juice packages presently provide fresh pressed juices, wheat grass shots, and fresh nut mylk. Customers may substitute raw green or regular smoothies in place of a pressed juice upon request.


Raw Food & Juice Bundles:

In an effort to support every-day health efforts including portion control or short and long-term high raw food diets, Liz’z Creative Juices offers a combination of raw fresh pressed juices, smoothies, snacks and raw foods meals. Choices of meals not featured on our menu, various snacks, juices and smoothies are provided in each of the different bundled plans. Now you can consume delicious fresh raw food and beverages without having to prepare them, all the while fulfilling your health goals!

Enjoy Your Free Consultation!

Participants of Raw Food & Juice Bundles and Juice Packages are entitled to a free consultation provided they complete an application.

Policies: Liz’z Creative Juices upholds a “no refunds” policy once a bundle or package has been purchased. All participants of the above programs must sign a contract prior to purchase acknowledging and agreeing to the purchase terms. A $2 deposit per jar will be applied at the time of your cleanse purchase. You will receive a deposit back upon return of the jars. If jars are not returned in a timely manner, the deposit will be forfeited.