Elizabeth Howard MS, NTP

lizElizabeth offers a unique approach to tasting and experiencing nutrition in her community by combining her raw and living foods café, Liz’z Creative Juices, with her wellness education and nutritional counseling. The result has been a profound visceral experience that both inspires and motivates individuals into truly embracing lifestyle changes and enjoying the experience of food and nutrition.

Liz embraces a broad whole foods nutrition philosophy and offers therapeutic, practical and effective nutritional approaches. During her seven years on the west coast Elizabeth collaborated and studied with leaders in the raw and living foods movement as well as licensed functional practitioners implementing cutting edge nutrition training at universities and in private practice. On the east coast Elizabeth continued her nutrition education and presently provides clinical consulting for more than 1000 certified and licensed practitioners. She has a Bachelors of Environmental Sciences, is certified in functional blood chemistry analysis, is a Board Certified Nutritional Therapist, a certified raw foods nutrition specialist and chef, a CNS candidate and earned her Masters of Science in Nutrition.

Please inquire about nutritional counseling, nutritional consulting and group nutrition programs. For more information please contact the Virginia location by phone at (540) 371-2931 or email us by CLICKING HERE!

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